• Media Dialogue on Caste Based Discrimination

  • #MaBolchhu Campaign: Celebrating 16 Days of Activism Against GBV

  • Ms. Bandana Rana-CEDAW Committee Member, sharing her insights on the Role of CSOs and Media in Combating Sexual Violence in the program organized by Media Advocacy Group

  • Ma Bolchhu: Stories of Inspiration-Opportunities and Challenges for Women in Leadership

  • Effective Communication Skill Workshop for Women Parliamentarians.

About MAG

Media Advocacy Group (MAG) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) established in 2008 by a group of experts in the domain of media, advocacy & management. MAG was established particularly to support endeavours in promoting and maintaining democracy and freedom. MAG hopes to achieve this through advocacy, capacity development and awareness raising particularly through media mobilization to surface issues to broader concern. Our activities mostly target people from different communities ranging from grassroots to national level. MAG project intervention covers all 75 districts of Nepal.

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Message from Executive Director & Founder

Empowering Women through Information Knowing about the miserable status of women in my country since I was a child, I have always dreamt of equality, and I believe I share this thought with many, but after more than two decades of my professional life devoted to Women and Media, I have realized that Information is Power, and this very asset lacks in many. I've come to know that it is because of this reason they are not confident, mainly due to their weak economic condition and them being deprived from information: information about the laws and policies concerning women, and even simple mechanisms of how the country, or the society functions including the various levels of administration. This allows them to believe that they are worthless in the face of society, only beca

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Recent Project & Activities

CSOs’ movement in Nepal has been successful in defeating several rules and regulations restricting CSO activities in Nepal. NGOs, one of the key CSOs that appear in the forefront of democratic movements, have been defamed and portrayed as corrupt and as less transparent. They are also charged for not being gender sensitive and inclusive in their approach. Change in the attitude needs to be targeted along within the legal framework of CSOs including media which will increase respect for women and marginalized population and decrease the gap in between CSOs/media and the public.

Existing laws and legal frameworks are restricting CSOs in many ways and hence, CSOs’ governance standards are…

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राष्ट्रपति कार्या

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‘तेल भिसा’ लाग्

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किन बढ्दै छ सम्बन्

Published On:घटना र विचार-बबिता बस्नेत

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