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Empowering Women through Information Knowing about the miserable status of women in my country since I was a child, I have always dreamt of equality, and I believe I share this thought with many, but after more than two decades of my professional life devoted to Women and Media, I have realized that Information is Power, and this very asset lacks in many. I’ve come to know that it is because of this reason they are not confident, mainly due to their weak economic condition and them being deprived from information: information about the laws and policies concerning women, and even simple mechanisms of how the country, or the society functions including the various levels of administration. This allows them to believe that they are worthless in the face of society, only because they’re ignorant about such matters, compelling them to live as second class citizens.

Although such facts dishearten me, there are positive aspects as well. Women are increasingly seen working professionally in various sectors now, allowing them to know better and avoid such complications. In this regard, MAG has been working to increase their access to information in every sector, effectively, in many ways. This extends from the very grassroots level to the policy makings where we are exercising Right to Information Act 2007 so that every citizen, not only women, has the right to know about all state mechanisms.

It makes me happy to tell you that MAG is working on Access to Information and has planned on making this initiative not only confined to any specific sector, but a nationwide campaign. However, we will be focusing more on the core issues like Access to Information in Foreign Employment; Gender based Violence; Women, Peace and Security; Issues of Adolescence; Politics; and Women in Decision Making.
I’d like to request all concerned stake holders to be a part of this campaign, and see this society change to a well informed, and an empowered one where we find a whole new version of womanhood.

Thank you
Babita Basnet
Executive Director

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