Press release on Delhi Declaration of Home Based Workers

MAG with SABAH Nepal, an social-business organization for strengthening the livelihoods of home based workers organized a press release on Delhi Declaration of Home Based Workers on 25th Februrary 2015.

The purpose of the press release was to promote the home based workers as an key economic agents of the society who can also be referred as the change agents.  In today’s scenario, where women migrate to different countries for employment, the success stories of SABAH associated and other many of the home-based-workers can be overwhelming to many of the women of our nepalese society to pursue their skills and invest in their own country.

Chandni Joshi, former Regional Program Director of UNIFEM (now UN Women), Geetanjali Singh, Dep. Representative UN Women and several other noted figures stated that the state should be able to provide a proper environment for the home based workers and potential entreprenuership should be identified and promoted.