Civil Society: Mutual Accountability Project (CS:MAP)

CSOs’ movement in Nepal has been successful in defeating several rules and regulations restricting CSO activities in Nepal. NGOs, one of the key CSOs that appear in the forefront of democratic movements, have been defamed and portrayed as corrupt and as less transparent. They are also charged for not being gender sensitive and inclusive in […]

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Conduct Two Assessments in Flood Response & Disseminate its Findings and Recommendations through a workshop

Beginning in the second week of August 2017, Nepal experienced a period of heavy rainfall (hydro-meteorological stations in three Terai districts recorded the heaviest levels of precipitation in 60 years) resulting in large-scale adverse impacts on life, livelihoods and infrastructure impacting 1.7 million people with 43,400 houses destroyed, 20,900 families temporarily displaced, 160 people dead, […]

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Leveraging Right to Information against Trafficking and Unsafe Migration in Post Disaster Reconstruction

Natural disasters, for it, creates the loss of existing structures and disrupt the mechanism including the control over assets, mass displacement and poor living conditions, law enforcement and justice systems including social protection mechanisms and loss of family protection. The massive earthquake destroyed many houses making millions of people dead, homeless, widowed and orphaned. As […]

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