Media is the backbone and one of the most responsible mechanisms of a country’s successful functioning. It has the power to help reaching information to a broader coverage.  The way it is presented to the public is important as it almost acts like the final verdict for the people.   The relation between media and people […]

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Safe Migration

Migration has been very much debated and criticized facet of Nepal. Indeed the majority of country’s economy is supported by the remittance but the bitter fact of large population migrating has left the country with shortage of skilled manpower and youths.  With the even more dark side, the people migrating for foreign employment encountering exploitation […]

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Right to Information

Information is power, enabling both the power bearers and the right holders of deliverance and usage respectively. No any country can have proper and good governance unless the right of information functions properly. Nepal implemented Right To Information Act 2007 on July 18,2007 in its interim constitution. However the understanding and usage of this right […]

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