Consultation Workshop on Women Issues in Constitution, 18th June 2015

As Nepal is speeding up to draft the national statute, some of the important women’s issues to include in new constitution of Nepal are under discussion. After the 16 point agreement between political parties on June 11, 2015, constitution making process resumed adopting the ‘fast track’ method.  There are some highlighted issues in constitution making process and some of the issues are closely related to women. The issues of Citizenship ensure of women representation, and modes of governmental system are closely concerned with women & their representation. Thus, Media advocacy group (MAG) with support of UNDP/SPCBN organized one day workshop on June 18, 2015, with women CA members and rights activists to discuss on women’s issues to include in new constitution and to develop collective advocacy strategy on women issues. The program was to discuss between rights activist women, Women CA Member, trade unions, and other stakeholders on women issues to address in new constitution. In the program discussions were focused on three issues. The first issue was citizenship, second was women representation, and third was modes of Governmental system. The discussion was mostly focused on citizenship issue.


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