“Nepali Film: Where are we heading?”

The history of Nepali cinema industry dates back to 1964 A.D. Aama was the first Nepali movie.
Till than Nepali Film industry has come along a long way. It is often believed that literature and
films are the mirrors of any society. They are reflective of the culture, societal norms, values,
social identity and life style of the particular society and hold the potential to influence and
aware the huge mass.

Although movies are believed to be the reflective of societal events, recent Nepali movies are
heading towards vulgarism. Sex is highly promoted in the name of glamour to sell the movie on
its posters and in the movie trailers. These deeds of Nepali film industry have created stir in
Nepal. It is among the emerging concern where Nepali movies are being guided by the present
whip of sex and vulgarism. As a tool of social media what class of messages have such films
been disseminating in society? Nepali film industry today needs a strong discourse and debate in
this regard.

Media Advocacy Group (MAG) in joint coordination with Forum for Women Law and
Development (FWLD) organized one day interaction program with Nepali cine artists in Nepal
Tourism Board, Kathmandu. A total of 81 participants participated in the interaction program.


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