Mapping of media houses with number of women as a board members/chief editor/ (editorial board), staff members, levels and portfolio

According to the research report on ‘Women Journalists in Nepal’ published by Sancharika Samuha in November 2016, female journalists at the leadership position of media houses is rare occurrence. The majority of female journalists working in radio and television are program/ news presenter. In case of newspaper, they are confined to the post of ‘ […]

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A Report on Training for Women Journalists on Civic Education

Civic Education is an education process where the citizens learn about their rights, duties and responsibilities which empowers and motivates them to identify the areas of the political and governance processes that they can participate and they can do to influence political outcomes, thereby improving the quality of governance at both local and national levels. […]

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“Nepali Film: Where are we heading?” The history of Nepali cinema industry dates back to 1964 A.D. Aama was the first Nepali movie. Till than Nepali Film industry has come along a long way. It is often believed that literature and films are the mirrors of any society. They are reflective of the culture, societal […]

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