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On 10th December 2014, MAG in coordination with Media House, a professional capacity building training institute marked the 16 Days of VAW by conducting an interaction program with youth from social, media, technology sectors and students.

Babita Basnet, President, MAG facilitated the program and highlighted the issues of VAW in the context of our society.  She said, “the social norms and values regarding women has to be changed inorder to change our attitude towards women and violence”. Interactive discussion took place as the participants presented their different perspective on VAW.  During the program, some of the participants also brought up the issue of violence over man and violence of women over women, which Ms. Basnet again directed towards the issue of social structure that has defined different roles for men and women. She requested the young participants to generate maximum learning on the issues of VAW and the social structure of society in order to be able to evoke and re-structure the social frame for creating dignified version of womanhood.

MAG being the media compact partner of UN Women for Beijing +20 organized this program to mark the 16 Days of VAW and generate maximum awareness and information on VAW and the issues of women. The participants were provided with the VAW materials provided to MAG by the UN Women Head Office in New York.