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Media is the backbone and one of the most responsible mechanisms of a country’s successful functioning. It has the power to help reaching information to a broader coverage.  The way it is presented to the public is important as it almost acts like the final verdict for the people.   The relation between media and people is very crucial in bridging the gap between the different mechanisms of a country and the people as their beneficiaries.  MAG’s aim is to make media accountable to people that will ultimately fortify the level of trust between media, people and the country. It is very necessary to maintain a transparent and a trusted relation between the country’s important aspects – People & Media.  On this occasion, MAG has conducted various programs with the support of our partner organizations, to name a few are “How to become media savvy”, “Adolescence issue: Role of Media”, “Civic education for women journalists” etc. On our each program, we thrive to create awareness on media access for every individual particularly giving emphasis to the women and the marginalized groups. With the training, interactions and awareness programs we help to create media’s sense of responsibility and accountability towards the people and the country,  particulary with the ones who are aspiring to become media professionals and the ones who are already working with it.  We aim to link media with RTI as RTI sets the realization and importance towards information and peoples right for it.