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Information is power, enabling both the power bearers and the right holders of deliverance and usage respectively. No any country can have proper and good governance unless the right of information functions properly. Nepal implemented Right To Information Act 2007 on July 18,2007 in its interim constitution. However the understanding and usage of this right is almost less then countable. MAG being the pioneer organzation of RTI with the aim of creating general conceptual clarity on RTI has been thriving to achieve the purpose since its inception.  It has organized different awareness, interaction and training program under the issues of RTI all over 75 districts with every level of bureacratic, security personels and policy makers.  MAG has also been linking the importance of RTI as the cross-cutting tool with the other social and development issues as well. One of the important project in this aspect entitled “RTI (Right to information) for Citizen’s Awareness for effective Public Service Delivery” is being implemented in Kailali and Mahottari districts with the support of CECI and PRAN. Public Service Announcement (PSA) on old age allowance has been developed by MAG under the aspect of RTI  which broadcasted on Avenues Television and Himalayan TV and Radio Jingles in Local Fms of Far Western region in 4 different local languages in the same. Please refer the PDF document below for detailed information on Nepal RTI Act 2007