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The decade long insurgency period in Nepal caused majority of issues of women vulnerability and exploitation that had to be immediately addressed. To protect this sensitive issue, GoN adopted UN Security Resolutions 1325 & 1820.  Further to ensure that this resolution is properly adopted and implemented GoN established National Action Plan (NAP), a combined network of organizations working in the same.  Since the inception of NAP, MAG has been actively involved with it as an executive committee member. In this regard, MAG has successfully organized an interaction program on the topic “Role of women in state building process” in Gorkha (2013) & Dailekh(2014) with the support of FES Nepal. Further, it has organized numerous other programs catering the issue of women affected by conflict. It has also organized several interaction programs with media and CA members on the issue of women, peace and security. On 2009, MAG organized 4 months print and electronic media campaign on “Violence against women”. MAG is determined to lobby this issue until there is assured participation of women in the peace and the state building processes.