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This booklet is prepared under the project implemented by Media Advocacy Group (MAG) in partnership with Global Fund and Geneva Global for the write-up skill training.

This booklet prepared for the two-days training for the trainee participants is focused on the practice of the basic skills of writing and journalism by imparting them knowledge on various aspects of write-up, journalism, and NEWS. The objective of this booklet is not to make the participants expert in professional journalism, rather to make them able to bring out the social issues to the general public by providing them the skills of journalism. So, in this training various aspects of NEWS or let’s say aspects of ‘Soft News’ are included more than that of the aspects of ‘Hard News’.

In this training, skill based approach is adopted rather than scholarly and theoretical knowledge. This training is targeted to the journalists and those activists having interest in writing to take the activities from their working area, success stories, case studies and feature to the media. After the completion of the training, the trainees are expected to be able to take their writings not only to the mainstream media, but also in the social media too.

Basic Write-Up Training Booklet