TOT Training on Advocacy for Civil Societies working on the issue of Haruwa Charuwa

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Media Advocacy Group (MAG) in support of The Freedom Fund through Geneva Global conducted Training of Trainers (TOT) training among 30 representatives (16 Male, 14 Female) of implementing partner organizations working on the issue of Haruwa Charuwa, 24th June 2016 – 28th June 2016, Siraha. The program purposely dealt with conceptual clarity of advocacy and its implementation on effective eradication of bondage of Haruwa Charuwa. As part of the entire program on liberation and rehabilitation, this training program ensured that the TOT graduates were made competent enough to enable them to conduct similar advocacy training as per the need and suitability. Ms. Babita Basnet, President of MAG, stated that MAG has been working on national level regarding advocacy and coordination efforts on the issue of Haruwa Charuwa. She further mentioned that our knowledge is based massively on desk research and field research. But, the participants were more gritted in the ground reality of the issue and the current status of Haruwa Charuwa liberation and empowerment program they’ve been working under. Hence, she urged the participants to feel equally responsible to pass down their knowledge to us and vice-versa.The program comprehensively trained the participants on different aspects of Advocacy and fundamental concepts regarding advocacy namely; activism, non-violent communication, message management, networking, lobbying, Right to Information and strategy formulation.

All in all, MAG was able to competently train the TOT graduates, form a loose network among each other, gain further insight on the concerns of Haruwa Charuwa and also formulate a preliminary action plan for strategy document by the end of the training. MAG thoroughly believes that the data collected and capacity enhanced will be very helpful to reach our mission of sustainable liberation of Haruwa Charuwa with much efficacy. Finally, the TOT graduates were handed over their hard earned certificate and the training ended with greater understanding of the issue of Haruwa Charuwa and solutions to such challenges.