Constitution & Women: Where are we? A Review of the Past and the way forward, March 24, 2015

A one‐day interaction was organized to take stock of the inclusion of women’s issues in the Constitution being drafted by the Constituent Assembly (CA ) in Kathmandu with the support of SPCBN/ UNDP. At the event, Ms Babita Basnet, Chair, Media Advocacy Group (MAG) welcomed the participants and introduced the panelists. A total of 125 participants were present. The discussions revolved around the need to grant citizenship on the basis of the one’s ‘mother or father’ and not on the basis of ‘father and mother’; the necessity to increase the representation of women in the public sphere, and decision‐making bodies, in judiciary, constitution‐making, state restructuring, local politics and parliament; the need for legislation to aid the representation of women in state; implementation of the laws and legislation, monitoring of the implementation, that legislation should address the multi‐ethnic, linguistic; diversity of Nepali society; the need to uplift the status of women from marginalized communities, the Dalits, Madhesis and Janajatis who are far below in status than overall Nepali women. Further, a diverse range of issues were raised from female feticide to property rights, from witch‐hunting to the issues of widows and rights of single women.




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