Effective Communication skills for women Parliamentarians, 9th December 2015

The training workshop was conducted in joint collaboration of UNDP/PSP and MAG which was facilitated by Ms. Babita Basnet, President of MAG (Media Advocacy Group). A total of 25 participants participated in the one day workshop of which 3 were the research person and the rest were the parliamentarians. Ms. Basnet initiated and introduced the participants to the program objectives which was to aware the parliamentarians to deal with the media and establish their image as a leader. The program was an incentive to empower women parliamentarians in the eyes of the public because as per their experience they asserted that their voices were barely heard by the media because as they were apparently considered “less knowledgeable” compared to their male colleagues. The joint incentive was an infant endeavor to understand the stance of women parliamentarians and contribute to empowering them by making them understand the technicality of media role. The program also prioritized speaking up their minds and presenting their views through the media platform in order to make their stance credible in eyes of the public.



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